Time Management and Day Planning Hints and Tools

Time Management

Let’s strip away all this complexity and get back to basics for a moment. What is time management? The essence of time management is the following:

  1. Decide what to do
  2. Do it

These appear to be very simple steps at first glance. Even a child can do them. However, when we look at them through the lens of optimization, they become much more complicated. In order to optimize these steps, we must concern ourselves with identifying the “right” or the “best” way to complete each step. We can easily see that some decision-action combinations produce better results than others. So our question becomes, “What is the best action to take right now, and what is the best way to do it?”

Answering this question should be the main purpose behind any time management system. Yes, there are side benefits like getting organized, becoming more clear-headed, and reducing stress. But ultimately these benefits all contribute to the decision-action process. What will you do, and how will you do it?

Deciding what needs to be done is the subject of goal setting, making plans and assigning programs to your plans. These work into lists of tasks to be done. These are subjects of separate discussion.

Time Management is the subject of how we spend our time best to get the Tasks we choose to do DONE.

Getting these tasks done requires concentrating on one thing at a time. This can be difficult when we have numerous “obligations” we can’t get our of our minds which tug at our attention – pulling it away from the single task at hand.

So a good system of time management, really, is “US” management. It is managing ourselves.

We do this best when we are confident and in control.

We can concentrate on one thing when we “know” in our hearts that everything that is important to us will be covered.

Daily Planning is the tool to do this. It is the method we use to plan our actions, all of them. with the confidence that each will be done in its own time. Any method we use that accomplishes this increases our effective Time Management.

Establish your goals, your plans, your programs and the individual actions that will get the goal accomplished. Then work the task against the available time. That is the daily plan and doing that, confidently, will allow you to, then, place all your attention on the task at hand.

Time Coach is a tool that can help you accomplish this.