Time Management and Day Planning Hints and Tools

Planning Your Day Plus Seven Hints To Feel Better Organized

When we feel organized we feel better. Organization is, at its root, the result of confronting the elements of life. Taking a few simple actions to make us feel more in control of our lives can make a huge difference in our effectiveness and sense of being organized. Here are a few ideas:

1. When you were a kid did you ever experience that wonderful feeling that comes after rearranging your room? Perhaps you cleaned it real well – put some order into it. It is amazing how well we feel after cleaning up and organizing our space. Take a few moments to clean your workspace in the area where you operate and you will feel much better as a result.

2. Getting up a little earlier can be of great advantage. Benjamin Franklin had it right when he said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Perhaps he was onto something. When you get up a bit earlier you feel like you are getting a head start and a leg up on the rest of the world. Sometimes you can beat the phone calls in the other interruptions which will come about during the main part of the day. This can make you feel more organized and give you great sense of well-being.

3. When involved with other people regarding certain projects we can sometimes feel out of control. An excellent way to remedy this is to have a meeting with these folks; either all at one time or individually. These meetings can be therapeutic and help everyone straighten out the bugs and other situations they may be sitting in the way and slowing things down. Sometimes the simple action of conversation among people back and forth can work out confusions and yield a feeling of being on top of the world and being organized.

4. Goals are great but having goals is not enough. Along with one’s goals one needs to have a plan of attack as to how to achieve the goals. Additionally these plans need to be worked out into programs which will give us step-by-step approaches for how to achieve the goals. It is best that a program have dates assigned to the individual steps – these will act as deadlines. Having and operating by a program will give a great feeling a great sense of organization and well-being.

5. Get all your data onto paper or onto a computer. Computers are, of course, best. What many people do is to collect all the data they obtain during the day into one place. It might be a briefcase or a special place on the desktop. The idea is to process all that data at one time and get it into some type of system. Take each and every item, one by one, and confront it and decide if it is important and either set it up for action or send to the trash can. You will, all the sudden, find that those extraneous items that tend to clog up the mind and the desk begin to disappear and all become organized and one central location. This will help you feel organized.

6. It is amazing the number of people that operate their days without lists. A list is such a simple item to use. It’s a written set of tasks which we need to do; either today or later on in the week or month. With computers, this can be done very efficiently. Using lists in one form or another gets tasks out of our minds which will enhance our feelings well-being and of being organized.

7. Daily planning is, at the root, the best way to get the maximum done during a given day. A daily plan should be made at beginning of the day or the night before. This is the time when one takes one’s list decides what one wants to get done and assigns times to it. This is how we work out how we are going get the most done done during the day. Doing this will not only increase our effectiveness but will give us a great sense of well-being.

Our ability is enhanced when we can concentrate. It is difficult to concentrate when we are disorganized. Taking actions, even if they mainly increase our feeling of organization, will create room in our minds for concentration. Concentrating on each task, doing them one at a time, increases our efficiency and increases our well-being, generally, in life.