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Can We Actually Create Time? Yes! Here’s How

We consider time to be a fixed commodity which moves along with little regard to our own intentions and desires. We consider ourselves slaves to time with little freedom from its dominance. But what if I told you each of us has, within our power, the ability to actually CREATE TIME?

An excellent definition of time, that I have found, is, “Time could be considered a manifestation in space which is varied by objects.” (LRH) What does this mean? It means that time is a function of movement. It means that Time can be changed and modified by the movement of particles through space. Time is a manifestation of a moving universe. It is not a fixed and nebulous and undefinable constant in which everything is trapped and bound. The movements of particles through space actually “create” time.

We, by habit of thought, believe in a certain hierarchy. At the top, the senior boss, most of us believe, is this immutable juggernaut called “Time”. We accept this as a truism even while few of us could actually define time if asked. If mass, energy and time are inextricably linked, then who was it that decided that the inalterable part of that trio was Time?

If Time is manifested by the movement of things within space, then might we admit that time can be created simply by moving more through space more quickly? Perhaps the hummingbird, with a life span of 5 of our years, (heart rate of 1250 bpm) actually lives 1250/80*5= 78.125 self-created years. Perhaps a tortoise, with a life span of 150 of our years, (heart rate of 20 bpm), lives 20/80*150=37.5 self-created years. Does a busy and productive person living a full and varied life live “longer” (measured in self-created time stream) than the deadbeat who sleeps half the day and lives a sedentary life? What do you think?

Each of us has experienced the elastic nature of time. A child perceives time as moving more slowly compared to an adult. Time rushes by during a fun vacation and seems to slow down if we are doing a job of drudgery. We consider time fixed only because we measure it by fixed systems such as the rotation of the Earth and its orbit around the Sun. This is an arbitrary point – and I argue that time is totally an arbitrary.

Controlling and managing time is actually the controlling of our attitudes, our perceptions and of our own particles and movement through space. We are in control of our own time. We create it. We either create lots of it; or, perhaps, not so much.

Time Management and Daily Planning is simply the recognition of this fact and the recognition that we create time by managing our activities as we live. We control by planning – by intending – by implementing. A well-lived life takes some degree of planning. Planning avoids pointlessness. Planning names our products and names our intentions. Well-executed projects and well-executed lives begin, each one, with a plan. Planning puts the stuff of life under human control.

Daily Planning helps us create more time.

There are tools that can be used. I have found some good iPhone applications which act as daily planners including “30/30″ and “Daily Routine”. These are fine tools that can help us manage our activities during the day. I use both. The only problem I have found with these, and other, tools is a lack of flexibility and clumsiness in their use. My own activities change day by day.

Regardless of what tool you choose, even if it’s just a piece of paper and pen, I suggest you try putting each day into an activities plan – a Time Plan. You will become more a master and less a slave to time. You will not be managing time as a fixed commodity; you will be CREATING TIME.

Appreciating The Goal Of Daily Planning

For the uninitiated, daily planning may seem like unnecessary work. However even those with exceptional amounts of free time can make use of it if only they would give it the chance. Keep in mind that time is something which cannot be gotten back, unlike other resources within our lives, so it should be made the most of.

Those who are still in school may feel like they have fewer obligations and therefore even less reason to pick it up. However beginning to plan things regularly when you are young makes the habit that much stronger when you are older and have more obligations. Keeping errands or appointments relating to family, friends, professional endeavors, etc. Will only ever help you.

Daily Planning Tool

Getting the ball rolling is done in a few ways. One of the more common methods today is simply using a smart phone, provided you have one. Applications with calendar information and features that can alert you to important events are readily available for you to evaluate and make use of.

If you prefer an approach that doesn’t rely upon battery life then there are still planners in the form of books you might buy. These can often be kept smaller and thus fit easily into a pocket of your clothes, purse, or briefcase. You will need to remember to check it regularly, however, as it won’t be able to give you alerts.

For those with ample time on their hands, this kind of planning may seem unnecessary or even a bit silly. However you might consider the fact that excessive amounts of free time can be a bad thing. Maximizing the use of time is something anybody can benefit from, and they should therefore make a point of doing so.

New interests, hobbies, or perhaps goals you wish to achieve professionally should be on the itinerary. Students, even, can be looking into sports, clubs or organizations around campus or in high school, and so forth. These things not only look good but can also do good in the way of going on a transcript or simply building character.

Daily planning is not only beneficial but can lead to a better life if you find yourself needing to get things done. Remember that as you get older you are more likely to have things to do and less time to keep them all in your head. Stay focused on what is important and always take advantage of free time by doing something with it.

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