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Productivity Tips

Here are a few tips to maximize your productivity:

1. Work in a field you love.

“Do what you love” is perhaps the most basic productivity tip of all. You’ll be much more productive when you do work you enjoy. Unfortunately, this tip is as obvious as it is ignored.

Doing work you love is not remotely the same thing as doing work you find moderately pleasant either. When you’re working in a field you love, your motivation is usually high because you feel passionate about what you’re doing. You don’t have to push yourself just to get going each day.

When you enjoy your work, you’ll tend to enjoy a fast tempo. You’ll also do better quality work, and high-quality work is more efficient than low-quality work. Low-quality work generates inferior results and often has to be redone.

Don’t waste your time trying to become more productive in a field you don’t enjoy. Such a struggle is a complete waste of your life. You deserve better than to subject yourself to such punishment.

I’ve heard hundreds of different excuses for why people claim they can’t do what they love — not enough money, no time, not good enough, wife won’t let me, etc. They can all be condensed down to two words: “I’m scared.”

The people who are doing Continue Reading

Help Me Get Organized. Here’s The Answer. It Begins With Daily Planning.

There are many “Time Management” systems out there but most are really list management and appointment management systems. While important, it must be understood that “Time Management” is something else entirely. True management of time is the management of hours. This can only be done with properly done Daily Planning..

The Basics of how to plan your day are simple. Here are seven basic rules. How you accomplish them is up to you. These are <a href=”http://tinyurl.com/9meb6fo”>organizer planner</a> functions. Consider each day to be a bank account that was refilled that morning with hours. As we manage our dollars, we should manage our hours. Here are some tips:

1.Don’t mix planning and working. Planning is separate. We should plan and then do. It makes no difference if you plan the morning of, or the evening before, make sure you plan, as a separate action, before plunging into your day.

2.Define the starting and ending time of your day. This should be a period when you are “on duty”. It may extend beyond standard work hours.

3.Not all tasks are the same. There areContinue Reading

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