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Time Management Tips: 5 Strategies To Reduce Your Study Time

If you’re reading this it’s quite likely that time management is not your strong suit. You probably feel over-worked, over-tired and over it all!

But giving up is not the solution. Instead, let’s look at some easy to implement strategies and time management tools that will help you make the most of the time you already have available and also create some more free time for you.

Tip number one – create and use to-do lists. It might sound obvious, but the first step in getting things done is actually creating a list of the things you want done! How often do you try to avoid writing lists and instead just try to remember the stuff you have to get done off the top of your head? Some people are perennial list makers. But some people never make them at all. If you want to use your time wisely you need to use lists. So use numbers or letters to distinguish between your top priorities and your low priorities (for example number from 1-10 or letter from A-J) and make sure you are very specific in each to-do item (vague to-do items only lead to more procrastination and more time management challenges!)

Tip number two – actually prioritize your tasks. Going to back to tip one, you should understand which tasks always come first and which tasks can always be put off. Think of them in terms of air, water and food. You can last seconds without air, days without water and weeks without food. So how quickly will you die if you don’t do the task? That should help you clear up the priority level of the taskand also creep you out a bit.

Tip number three – lower your expectations. We all want to shoot for the stars – but don’t put unreasonable pressure on yourself for no good reason. If you’re taking too much on and it’s taking too long because your expectations are way too high (for example, if you believe that nothing less than an A+ average for all your subjects is the only acceptable standard) then as soon as you slip under that extremely high standard a major meltdown will occur. So be committed to your ambition but not attached to every single outcome. If you are, you will spend way too much time focusing on things that don’t always matter.

Tip number four – take regular breaks. It seems to make sense that if you work for 5 hours straight you will get 5 hours of work done. But the problem is that after an hour or so your brain will have turned to mush and a quick freshen up is required. So after 5 hours of non-stop study you will probably be in a catatonic state where you thinking running around your house peeing on “your territory” sounds like a good idea. Instead of that, a ten minute break every hour will really help your batteries to recharge and your mind to rejuvenate itself. Go for a walk, have a chat to someone, listen to some music or grab a cup of java, but whatever you do, stay away from the cat bowl!

Tip number five – overcome any tendency to procrastinate. We all do it. Something is due but we can’t be bothered so we do nothing. Life’s hard. We get it. Everything is hard. We get that too. But if you don’t do the work it will catch up with you. So just do it! Get off your butt and get to work. But don’t worry about completing the whole thing. If you have to write a paper just write one paragraph – or even one sentence. If you have to complete a worksheet of Maths homework just do the first question. Instead of getting overwhelmed and anxious about having to complete the whole task just make sure that you first get started. It’s easier to keep going once you actually start.

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Time Management: Two Simple Tips To Create More Free Time

Your time is by far your most important resource. Why? Well it’s the only thing you can’t get more of. Think about it. No matter what you do you can never ever get more time. Can you?

One of the most intriguing aspects of time is that humans regularly waste it despite it being a non-renewable resource. Don’t we? Most people spend their lives effectively trading whatever time they have for money in order to hopefully create a situation where they have 10 or 20 years of “free time” at the end (i.e. retirement). The great goal in mind is that we get to 60 years old and we get to be free and spend our lives as we please from then on! That’s pretty much the deal isn’t it? The only problem with this plan is that you will be old when you have created some lengthy “free time” and there’s absolutely no guarantee at all that you will make it to 60 – or that you will have enough money to stop time trading even if you get there!

In truth the way humans approach time is completely flawed. There is no guarantee on time. You could have 60 years or 60 seconds left. There is one thing you can be certain of though. You can be certain that you don’t know how much time you have left. So, can you see that your time is valuable and not to be wasted?

So how do you spend your time? Have you been wasting it? Or do you spend your time wisely? Whilst we now know we can’t get more time, we can always save time can’t we? We can work faster or we can work smarter and by doing these things we can save time. When we save time we create more free time. We all like free time don’t we?

Free time is the best time of all. Free time is time that you can choose how to spend – rather than others telling you how to spend it or you feeling obligated to spend it a certain way. We all want as much free time as possible don’t we? We want you to study less and relax more. That’s right, we want you to spend less of your time studying, and much more of your time doing whatever it is you love to do! Does that sound like something that would interest you? So what are two things you can start doing today that will create heaps more free time?

Number one: Add lots of short breaks into your study schedule. Four 15-minute breaks each night is one hour of free time. If you do that from Monday to Friday that’s five extra hours of free time this week! If you don’t take breaks regularly your mind will wander anyway and you will be in a “junk time” phase – where no work is being completed but you are still “studying”. If you feel like you’ve lost focus always take a break.

Number two: Identify your “dead time” and start putting it to good use. What’s dead time you may ask? Why it’s the time of the day when you don’t have free time but you’re also not being productive (like studying or working). For example, you may be waiting at a bus stop for the bus to come, or be sitting on the bus, or be walking to school or work, or be sitting in a car, or you might even be walking the dog. This is time that is hardly ever used – so get ahead by using it.

Perhaps you could read over some notes, look at some flash cards, do any reading you need to do (not if you are driving!), listen to a recording you made of something you need to learn, practice a speech or watch a video? The point is that we all have a great deal of dead time in our lives. We don’t really notice it, it just happens. But it happens every day. The point is that if you can spend 30 minutes of dead time getting ahead, you are 2-3 hours ahead each week. That’s worth thinking about isn’t it?

I truly hope that after having read this you understand how valuable your time is. You can never get more time. Every minute should be precious to you. You can do great things with your time. It’s all you really have. So starting saving as much time as you can each and every day in order to free up as much time as possible. It makes sense doesn’t it? Don’t wait until you’re 60 years old – do it today! Spend your time doing what you love to do. What else really matters anyway? Good luck!

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If you're reading this it's quite likely that time management is not your strong suit. You probably [more]
Your time is by far your most important resource. Why? Well it's the only thing you can't get more o [more]